Jill's workshop completely changed my attitude toward photography! As a stylist and floral designer, I am lucky to work with a lot of talented photographers, but had never been able to photograph my own work. I've tried other classes and spent hours trying to teach myself, but was eventually convinced that it was impossible to master while leading a busy life as a business owner and mom of little ones. I signed up for Jill's class on a whim, and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. Jill simplified the essentials of learning photography into concepts that were easy to understand and put into practice immediately. I have finally been able to take photos I am proud of, even straight out of my camera! I would (and do) recommend this workshop to everyone.                 - Amber Dickson / Amber Reverie

I've been hiring out my photography for my business a few years now but I jumped at the chance to learn from Jill through her 101 workshop and it's been a total game changer. Her workshop clearly and simply explains the basics of photography in an empowering way. Plus, her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. I'd recommend this class to anyone who has been wanting to try photography but gets overwhelmed at where to start. Start here! It's simple and transformative! I've now been taking my own photos and am feeling more and more comfortable and happy with the results. I can't wait to try 102!  - Brittany Jepsen / House that Lars Built

I learned more in one day than I did in two months at a community photography class. What I liked *so much* about Photos for Life was that we were given Jill's standard starting points for ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Instead of a big fat "It depends," we were told right away what values we should start with. I also found the practice sessions really helpful, practicing and experimenting with what we were learning right away, with immediate feedback. That was something I never got out of the community class. - Amy Otteson

Photos for Life Workshop was a phenomenal beginners class. Jill got me excited about photography and my skills got better with every class. I was a hobbyist for years and after the 101 class I finally understood how to use my camera effectively so my photos looked professional. My husband lost his job a few weeks after I took this course and the skills I learned from Jill gave me the confidence I needed to get actual clients and help support my family. I made the money I spent on the course and then some in the first month after the class. This class literally saved me. I will definitely be enrolling in another! - Christine Comstock

 can’t say enough good things about Photos for Life 101 workshop. Jill is not only an incredible photographer, but she is even a better teacher. In just one afternoon, I learned more about my camera and photography than I did in all the years I took professional classes in school and online. As a mother and a business owner, capturing quality photos with something other than my Iphone has been a complete game changer. The course was extremely effective in teaching me how to use my camera to get the photos and composition I have been looking for. In just a few hours, Jill was able to break down how to use manually use ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (something that used to be so complicated to me) to get the images I want, followed by practicing shooting to help pull together everything. It really was an “ah-ha” afternoon, and I undoubtedly will be using the skill I learned from the class for many years to come. Thank you Jill! I look forward to taking other classes you have to offer. - Lauren Foulger / Humble Hilo

I have always loved taking pictures & have had some great mentors throughout my life. Still, for some reason I was never able to connect the dots and really internalize what I was learning. It wasn't until Jill's workshop that I was finally able to advance to a new level (for me)! She stripped it down & taught in a way that made sense to me, being more of a visual learner.  It's been a few months & I'm no longer frustrated with my camera. I've seen a huge improvements in my photos & I'm excited to shoot! Not only is Jill's workshop fun & educational, but I left so inspired by her as an artist. I cannot recommend her workshop enough!  - Amelia Jones / @ameliahannah

The photos for life workshop changed my life to say the least! I got my BFA in photography but I felt like something was missing and for years I had been in a rut.  Jill has always been someone that I admire so when I heard that she was putting on a workshop I did everything I could to sign up!! It was so nice to go back to the basics and ask questions about things I had been struggling with.  I also loved getting assignments and later having my images critiqued.  Jill also showed me that I could change where my camera would focus. Little embarrassed that i didn't know that existed ha!! But overall I got my desire back to get out and shoot. It gave me the motivation I needed to practice and be better. When the class ended I tried to practice every day. I only had my daughter to capture but that was jills whole focus. Capturing your every day life and now I have the most amazing photos of my daughter that I will treasure forever!! - Melissa Leavitt

Photos for life workshop was AWESOME! I was able to take what I already knew about photography to the next level. I went from shooting primarily in aperture mode to making the switch to manual mode. I have admired Jill's photography for years now and it was so special to get some guidance and critique on photos. Other perks included: the samples from her sponsors, the pdf slideshow (I have it on my phone and use it frequently as a resource), the tips for products she uses, and the fb group page. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in gaining a bit more knowledge about photography in a super positive and encouraging environment. I look forward to taking another class in the future!  - Summer Silvestri

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