• Image of Photo 101 | UTAH Saturday April 22

Photos for Life is a Photo 101 class taught by Jill Thomas

We will cover:

- how to get off auto settings and shoot manually and why that is important.

- exposure and lighting

- composition and how to choose your backdrop

- how to take photos within your family and within your business

-how to organize/store the photos

-what to do with the photos! PRINT, PRINT, PRINT!


Saturday - April 22


This is an all-in-one Saturday class. We'll spend some classroom time learning a concept, then iteratively shooting and answering questions. We will shoot, have fun, and lunch is included! You will need a camera with manual settings.


Penny Ranch of course! The workshops will be held in my studio at Penny Ranch in Heber, Utah. Heber is 20 minutes from Orem and Park City, and 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful valley, nestled in the mountains. There are places to eat, stay, and lots of activities. I have a photography studio that I built for the purpose of these workshops in mind. I am so excited to share my home with you.


I wanted to make this workshop affordable, so that you could "justify" spending the money to come learn how to finally use your camera for what it was made to do!


For over 6 hours of instruction + I will be available afterward and during for questions.

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