• Image of Photo 102 | UTAH Saturday May 6

Photos for Life is a Photo 102 class taught by Jill Thomas

We will cover:

- refining 101 skills

- lighting in more details

- composition and how to be your own art director to the next level

- posing and working with your subject (a single person to a couple to a large group)

- real life shoot! we will have a single person and a family (with kids), that we will have a real life photo session and walk through how to work with your subject in a real life scenario

-more detail in organization


- Computer collaboration and Printing

- a survey will also go out to 102 students to make sure, any questions and concerns you may have are covered.

This is not a business class. We will not be covering how to run/operate a photography business. This is open to all photo enthusiast, hobbyist, as well as business owners.


Saturday May 6

This is an all-in-one Saturday class with dinner included. You will need a camera with manual settings and know how to shoot in manual.


Penny Ranch of course! The workshops will be held in my studio at Penny Ranch in Heber, Utah. Heber is 20 minutes from Orem and Park City, and 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful valley, nestled in the mountains. There are places to eat, stay, and lots of activities. I have a photography studio that I built for the purpose of these workshops in mind. I am so excited to share my home with you.


I wanted to make this workshop affordable, so that you could "justify" spending the money to come learn how to finally use your camera for what it was made to do!


For over 5 hours of instruction + I will be available afterward and during for questions.

If the class is sold out and you are interested in being on the waiting list or get updates when a new class is announced, please email :

If a class does not reach at least 5 attendees up to 2 weeks before the workshop, the class will be canceled and you will receive a full refund. You will receive an email when the class reaches 5 attendees and it is a go!